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There are a number of reasons while you may have trouble running the game.

1. Java

Make sure you have Java installed (automatic for applet method). If not, do now here. You need version JRE or JDK 1.3.1_02 or later (1.4.0 or later preferred). If you already have version 1.2 or 1.3.0 or 1.3.1 (prior to 1.3.1_01a) and do not want to download another version, you may still and only start the game using the "download and start jar-file" method.

If possible, always upgrade to JRE1.4 or JDK1.4. This enables full game immersion.

2. Java Web Start

Make sure you have Java Web Start installed (automatic for Java version 1.4 or later). If not, do now here.

If you do not have Java Web Start installed, clicking onto the .jnlp-Link will open a "open-or-save" dialog rather than starting the game. If you see this dialog, click "cancel" and install Java Web Start before trying again.

Early versions of Java Web Start may complain that they cannot download a proper version of Java (error 11) when you try to start the game. If you see this error, your release of Java is outdated and you need to download and install a recent version of Java manually first, as described under point 1.

3. Untrusted certificate

We use a self-signed certificate which confronts you with a dialog (when starting the game) that the certificate should not be trusted. You must ignore this and grant permission to execute if and only if you started the game from or

A commercial deployment will have the certificate of a casino operator holding a legal license.

If you never see a dialog asking you to grant permission to our certificate, you must upgrade your Java version (you may see a security exception message instead).

4. Applet "hangs"

You may experience the effect that entering the roulette game (while the dialog "...this may take up to 100s" is displaying) takes several minutes (about 2-5 minutes). During this time CPU load is low. The game seems to hang. This applies to the applet version only.

This is due to a documented bug in the applet class loader with no known work-around (it looks up classes over the network to check they do not exist). The slower your internet connection the longer this step takes. With a later JDK this bug will very likely be fixed.

You may simply be patient or use the Java Web Start version (recommended).

5. Java Media Framework

Make sure to have the Java Media Framework (JMF) v2.1.1a or higher installed. If not, get it here. Opt for the Windows Performance Pack or you will miss most sound and video effects.

If you do not have JMF installed, the game will tell you so and guide you to the download page. Restart game or browser after installation.

5.1 An installed Java Media Framework is not detected

Newer versions of JDK, e.g., JDK 1.4.x, ignore a CLASSPATH environment variable. Therefore, in order to make use of a standard installation of JMF from within an applet of WebStart, do the following:

  1. Find the Java Media Framework installation's library directory, e.g., 'C:\Program Files\java\jmf2.1.1e\lib'
  2. Find the JRE's installation's library directory, e.g., 'C:\Program Files\java\j2re1.4.2_05\lib'
  3. Copy files 'sound.jar' and 'jmf.jar' from the first directory into subdirectory 'ext' within the second directory.

6. Fullscreen mode does not work

Fullscreen mode may be enabled in the roulette hall option dialog (available with Jave version 1.4 or later). This will dramatically enhance your gambling experience. However, this mode may fail to work.

If this happens, try again. If you cannot anymore enter the roulette hall to switch this option off, proceed as follows:

Go to the config directory under the directory where your settings are stored (announced to you the very first time you started the game). An example for this is "C:\Documents and Settings\bill\.ecasino\config". Copy file "roulette-failsafe.opt" to "roulette.opt".

7. You cannot log in anymore

You may fail to login - even if your password is correct.

The game does prevent logins using your account from another computer. This is for protecting your money only... You must re-apply membership on every computer you want to use for gambling.

On a multi-user operating system (eg. Windows 2000, XP or Linux) the same applies for every user of a given computer.

8. Firewall

Your firewall must not block anonymous ports (those with numbers above 1024) and must not use an application proxy for ports other than, e.g.,http, https and ftp. The game uses encrypted communication to the server's port 10099.

If your firewall cannot be re-configured, you may still use the game's demo mode.

A commercial deployment will offer http-tunneling which we have not activated for this deployment.

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